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Piano Lessons with Iryna Graifer


Private and Semi-Private Lessons 

Older Childeren trough to Seniors

Beginners to Experienced students

Iryna's Spring 2021 Schedule

DayProgramStudent TypeTime
Tuesday Piano Beginner to Experienced 12:00-6:00pm
Thursday Piano Beginner to Experienced 12:00-6:00pm

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Course Description

Iryna is offering piano lessons for the wide range of students – from the little ones to seniors. Young beginners ( 6-7 years old) get an introduction to a music world. 

Older and more advanced students are having fun playing their favourite melodies or (more dedicated) working on their technique and music theory to be able to explore more challenging repertoire. And adults (no age limit) get the opportunity to pursue their lifelong dream of playing the piano or pick up their music studies they did once and always wanted to get back to.
IIryna’s goal is to bring the joy of music in every student’s life and enable them to have the music in their life forever.

About Iryna

Iryna Graifer was born in Ukraine, where she received her Master’s Degree in music as a pianist, accompanist and teacher graduating from Donetsk State Conservatory. She worked for 13 years in her alma mater music college. In 1996 she moved to Canada with her husband and two children, spending 10 years in Winnipeg teaching piano and working as an accompanist with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school and Manitoba School of Music. In 2006 she moved to beautiful Victoria.

Iryna works with various ballet schools, including Centrepointe Ballet School. She is the pianist for Harmony German Choir, and works with opera singers and instrumentalists. Among her recent exciting projects are playing for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and working on various concert programs with a wonderful violinist Tatiana Kostour and her VCM students.

IIryna strongly believes that music makes everything better, brings you solace in a hard times and enhances your joyful moments. She enjoys sharing her love of music with her students. One of her main goals is to teach her students how to successfully work on their own, so the music will become their faithful partner for life.