Lina Streltsov


Lina Streltsov’s career as a musician spans across three countries. She started
formal studies in Ukraine as a choir conductor and a vocal director and
graduated from the highly regarded Glier Music College in Kiev and Prokofiev
Academy of Music in Donetsk. She went on working with adult and children
choirs in Ukraine as well as in Israel and Canada. She has built expansive and
varied repertoire including classical music, folk music as well as new and
modern songs. Her experience includes coordinating vocal departments, working
as choir conductor, and giving individual vocal lessons. Lina organized and
managed vocal ensembles for different ages. Her passion for music and rich
multicultural experience reflected in collaboration between choirs and famous
singers and composers.
In Winnipeg, the choirs under her direction participated in various concerts and
events, including fundraising performances and community special events such
as Folklorama, JNF Negev Gala, senior homes and numerous annual
Upon moving to Vancouver Island, BC, Lina is now teaching voice at Peninsula
Academy, Brentwood School of Music and is also the conductor for the Ukrainian
choir in Victoria. She equally enjoys working with large groups and individual
Teaching Philosophy
Lina believes that each person is given unique capabilities and leanings for a
purpose. Her objective as a Choir conductor and a vocal teacher is to help her
students develop their unique abilities and achieve their goals through music.
She utilizes her comprehensive teaching experience and professional skills to
facilitate the students’ journey to discover their voice, art, and themselves.

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